Do you remember?

Categories: In the Spotlight, Art
Place: Berlin
Opening: Do 14.9. 18–21 Uhr mit Performance von Mathilde ter Heijne Begrüßung: Dr. Laura Hirvi, Finnland-Institut Grußwort: Dr. Ulla Piela, Stiftung Kalevalaseura Einführung: Dr. Christine Nippe, Kuratorin der Ausstellung
Date: 15.09. – 15.12.2017

Mo–Mi 11–17 Uhr, Do 11–19 Uhr, Fr 11–15 Uhr (an allgemeinen deutschen Feiertagen sowie am 2. und 16. Oktober, 10. November und Nationalfeiertag Finnlands 6. Dezember geschlossen)


Finnland-Institut in Deutschland, Georgenstr. 24 (1. OG), 10117 Berlin

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Bahnhof Berlin-Friedrichstraße


Stiftung Kalevalaseura, Klaus K. Hotel, Helsinki Distilling Company

EXHIBITION. Works by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Oliver Godow, Mathilde ter Heijne and Jorinde Voigt. Curator: Dr. Christine Nippe.

Under the auspices of Jenni Haukio, First Lady of Finland.

Do you remember? features four international artists from Berlin. They travelled to Helsinki to work on the Finnish national epic poem Kalevala, which was first published by Elias Lönnrot in 1835. Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Oliver Godow, Mathilde ter Heijne and Jorinde Voigt immersed in the world of the Kalevala epic to develop a new aesthetic formula for thoughts and questions concerning myth, remembering, memory and the notion of “us”. New visual artworks deal with the interpretation of and the reaction to Finnish mythology, which has been passed on by word of mouth and which is unique in its verse form and sound. The exhibition is curated by the Berlin-based author Dr. Christine Nippe, who has curated exhibitions all over the world.

With regard to Aleida and Jan Assmann’s approach to cultural memory as well as the uncertainty perceived in times of global change, the reinforcement of national identity and the role of the culture of memory, this exhibition opens a debate of the following questions: Can a reinterpretation of a national narrative define a field of signification for both its own and the foreign cultural memory by visual art, and if so, to what extent? And what is the role of transnational artists in a new interpretation of old myths?

Together we travelled, researched and ventured the experiment. Art meets Kalevala, meets literature, meets the other. And yet it is essential: Whatever evolved within this process is an outcome in the form of individual, biographically influenced visual artworks. What unites all of them are the questions of the identity, the memory and the aesthetic they pose. Entirely in the spirit of: Do you remember …?

Dr. Christine Nippe, curator and author | Berlin, June 2017


Do 19.10. 19 Uhr Panel discussion: Von der Volksdichtung zur zeitgenössischen Kunst (From Folk Poetry to Contemporary Art – in German)
Do 7.12. 19 Uhr Reading and talk: Frans Eemil Sillanpää, Jung entschlafen – Nuorena nukkunut (Passed away young – in German)

Do you remember? is part of “The Artists’ Kalevala” (fi. Taiteilijoiden Kalevala), a project initiated in 2008 by the Kalevalaseura foundation. In this project, artists from all over the world have elaborated and presented their interpretation of Kalevala poetry.
In 2017, Finland celebrates 100 years of independence: The Republic of Finland was proclaimed on 6 December, 1917. Before that, Finland was a part of Sweden from the Middle Ages, until it became an autonomous Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire in 1809. The event series Do you remember? was planned for this special anniversary, but emphasises new approaches to cultural heritage.

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